EASYDRIFT Is a new concept of wheel covers which replicate very low grip conditions

The EASYDRIFT Driver Training System (DTS) is a completely new and revolutionary product that was primarily designed to save lives, by teaching people the physics of driving. The patented EASYDRIFT Driver Training System is composed of a specific designed ring that slides over the tire. It is made of a very high-tech nylon based polymer.

How It Works

Installation, using our tire vacuum tool, takes 5 minutes when mounted on a dedicated set of tires and rims. Once fitted with the DTS, the wheel behaves like a summer tire on snow. This system can be mounted on any type of cars. FWD, RWD, AWD. The DTS doesn’t damage the driving surface and won’t leave any marks on the ground. It is a very quiet system on a good asphalt. The EASYDRIFT DTS can be used from 20 kph to speeds over 200 kph. The EASYDRIFT DTS can be fitted on any wheels of the vehicle. This is the only system where you can independently choose the wheel with reduced grip.

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